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Classes We Offer


Bond. Play. Grow.

Mommy & Me is a course for parents/guardians and their toddlers. Students learn rhythm, motor skills, socialization and listening skills while dancing, playing and learning alongside their loved ones. Accepting enrollment for ages 18mos - 2.5yrs.



Creative movement for Pre-School Dancers.

This class introduces pre-school aged children to studio life. Our combo class covers 4 dance techniques and is the perfect introduction to the art of dance. Led by an early childhood education expert, dancers learn the basics of ballet, tap, jazz and hip-hop with a fun nutrition break in between.



Classical. Traditional. The Foundation.

Every student loves the opportunity to explore the art of ballet. This traditional art form is the foundation of dance and we require each student to enroll in at least one ballet class. Our amazing instructors make sure everyone receives individual attention while keeping the class progressive. This class is a favorite amongst many of our students.



Rhythm. Sound. Syncopation.

Tap class uses the sound of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. Each dancer enrolled in tap will receive training in 4 styles of tap; rhythm, classical, broadway and post-modern.



Style. Isolations. Performance.

Jazz is a fun, upbeat technique that was birthed from the African-American vernacular style of dance set to jazz music. Whether you’re looking to learn new dance moves or hone in on your existing talent, this class is great in building straight, confidence and performance quality.



Pop. Lock. Drop.

Hip-Hop is a street dance style derived from hip-hop culture. Set to hip-hop music, classes will challenge dancers every week training in traditional hip-hop styles as well as pop culture and viral dances. Dancers love taking this class, as it gives them the opportunity to learn stylized, fun dances that they can showcase at shows and social events.



Act. Sing. Dance.

Musical theater is a style of dance rooted in the history of Broadway musicals. This class combines several genres of dance, acting and musical interpretation. Dancers receive the opportunity to explore the choreography taught in this class, while also mastering the art form of dance made specifically for theater.



Feel. Express. Float.

Lyrical dance combines ballet, jazz and acrobatic elements. The movement is usually a visual representation of the lyrics of the music. Contemporary, while very similar to lyrical, has a modern dance emphasis and is based on versatility and power, with improvisation. Both genres place heavy emphasis on being expressive and telling a story through movement and emotions.



Contract. Release. Fall.

Modern dance is a technique that stems from the core and emphasizes elements such as floor work, fall and recovery and improvisation. Modern is heavily emphasized in contemporary dance. This class really helps strengthen dancers overall technique.



Tumble. Flip. Twist.

Acro combines dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. This style is very athletic and includes choreography, blending dance and acrobatics. This is a great class for an aspiring gymnast. We progress the technique of this style at a more rapid pace than that of a standard beginning gymnastics class. We offer several levels depending on your experience level.

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