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Classes are separated by age and level and we have certain requirements to join our studio. Dancers must enroll in a minimum of 4 classes to join the studio; one class must be ballet.

Review our requirement specifications by age below.

Requirements by age/level


Ages 2.5-7yrs

These classes are for our early childhood aged dancers 2.5 - 7 years old. Tiny dancers must take one of the Saturday "Combo Class" blocks (which is 2 classes in one, fulfilling 2 of the 4 class minimum requirement) and may select any other 2 classes to complete the minimum requirement. Dancers under 3 and under are not required to take any class outside of Combo A. Dancers are welcome to take as many classes as they like.​


Ages 7-10

These classes are for dancers aged 7-10 years old who have dance experience prior to joining the studio or are at a similar level in their training/experience. They must take Beginning Ballet, Ballet Technique OR Combo C to fulfill our ballet requirement. 


Ages 10+


Ages 10+

Beginning classes are for beginners with no dance experience prior, who are older than our tiny and mini dancer age brackets. If your dancer is just starting out with training, and is age 10+, this is where they should begin.

Intermediate classes are for dancers with a minimum of 2 solid years dance experience and proficiency in dance vocabulary and technique in the genre they are registering for.


based on experience

Advanced classes are for dancers with 5+ years of training (or strength at the advanced level). Dancers must receive prior approval to enroll in these courses. 


Competition team classes/rehearsals are closed without a prior audition. Auditions are held annually; private auditions are welcomed. Please contact our office. For more information on our competition program, click here. 

Open Age

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