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Bridging the gap.

Student Teacher Program

Our Student Teacher Program is designed with our advanced dancers in mind, who have aspirations for a career in the professional world of dance. These phenomenally talented artists at Gravity, who are juniors and seniors in high school, are able to gain work experience teaching dance at their home studio, whilst gaining community service and/or college credits.

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Our mission is to have our high school advanced level dancers who are on track to go professional become acclimated with teaching students ages 3+ at their home studio. By using their skill sets, articulated through their training, character, knowledge base and experience, they are sure to inspire and motivate the next generation of dancers while preparing themselves for the dance world. We are proud to support them!



Our vision is to provide a space for our Gravity dancers to succeed in the professional world of dance. This includes, but is not limited to: a dance teaching career, choreography bookings on stage and film, commercial success as a dance educator, master classes and more. Here at Gravity, we don't just teach dance, we teach life. 

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